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Machine Listing - Mixers

IEN 118764

  Mixing Tank/Magnetic Mixing Dispenser Tank 1.Material is adopted imported stainless steel 316L or 304, inner surface is processed by polishing and roughness of surface is Ra0.4m. 2.Stir is divided into tip machine stir and bottom magnetic one.Forms are push, helix and anchor, etc. 3.Equip:Air respirator, thermometer, mouth of steam eliminating bacterium, sanitary entry hole, liquid level gage and liquid level auto-control system, universal rotary cleaning ball or equip according to customer demand. 4.Form of Jacket can be divided into forms of coil jacket, full jacket and honeycomb one according to customer demand. 5.Heat insulation can be adopted rock cotton, polyurethane to sparkle and pearl cotton to fill according to customers demand.Outside surface of tank can be processed by polishing, wiredrawing, sandblast and second light according to customers demand. 6.Specification:50L-20000L